Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

Craner J. Audiometric data analysis for prevention of noise‐induced hearing loss: a new approach. Am J Indus Med. 2022;65:409–424. https://doi:10.1002/ajim.23343   

  • This critical review/commentary explores how and why hearing conservation programs (HCPs) have never objectively demonstrated their overall effectiveness in preventing noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) within organizations.
  • It explains and challenges the de facto status quo of regulatory compliance for noise, explaining how the billions of annual audiograms conducted worldwide have not been applied to predict early NIHL in groups of workers or measure the efficacy of exposure controls within companies and across industries and occupations. 
  • The article proposes and outlines an innovative approach to Audiometric Data Analysis Best Practices that leverages the raw audiometric data already available, transforms it into actionable data on an individual and population health level, and provides the business case to use this information to strategically manage and reduce occupational hearing loss risk and costs.