Expertise & Interests

Expertise & Interests

Health Effects from occupational and environmental exposures (with examples)

  • Metals (lead, mercury, arsenic, lithium, cobalt, aluminum, nickel, manganese, thallium, cadmium)
  • Physical agents (noise)
  • Particulates and aerosols (silica, asbestos)
  • Organics (solvents, pesticides, isocyanates, epoxy resins)
  • Bioaerosols (mold, sewage bacteria)
  • Gases, irritants, asphyxiants and other inhalant toxicants (carbon monoxide, cyanide, hydrogen sulfide, hydrofluoric acid, chlorine)
  • Unidentified agents and mixtures (environmental releases, groundwater pollutants, accidental exposures, hazmat spills/releases)

Medical surveillance, biological monitoring, audiometry for hazardous industries including:

  • Lithium ion battery – cathode metals (Li, Ni, Co, Mn, Al) and anode materials mining, refining, manufacturing, testing and recycling
  • Metallurgical assay laboratories (lead, silica, noise)
  • Gold, silver and other metal mines (mercury, arsenic, other metals, noise)
  • Litharge (lead oxide) assay flux manufacturing
  • Lead-acid battery recycling and smelting (lead)
  • Automotive and sign spray-painting (isocyanates, organic solvents)

Diagnosis of disease related to known or suspected occupational or environmental exposures of: individuals, families, and groups of commonly exposed people in a workplace, industry, building, or community

  • Acute inhalation injuries
  • Respiratory, neurological, skin, reproductive, infectious, allergic diseases
  • Cancer and multi-system diseases


  • Occupational disease/syndrome outbreaks and clusters
  • Environmental pollution
  • Risk assessment
  • Building-related health problems (mold, odors, carbon monoxide, sick buildings)
  • Other public health assessments

Epidemiology and Biostatistics

  • Health and Safety compliance / medical surveillance data tracking, compilation, analysis and reporting (see webOSCAR™)
  • Environmental investigations

Health, Fitness and Disease Prevention

  • Diet
  • Exercise / Physical fitness
  • Fitness for Duty
  • Smoking cessation
  • Mental health and mindfulness