Clinical Practice

Clinical Practice

Patient care / consultation.  Clinical diagnosis and treatment of suspected or established occupational or environmental disease (see Expertise & Interests) in individuals and similarly exposed groups (families, co-workers, etc.).  Referrals are accepted from:

  • Self-referral
  • Physician or other medical provider
  • Employer
  • Insurer (including workers’ compensation)
  • Third-party administrator

Independent Medical Evaluation / Records Review / Expert Evaluation / Second Opinion / Medical Disability Evaluation.  These specialized services are available for selected cases, upon referral from:

  • Self (for second opinion)
  • Physician or other medical providers
  • Employers
  • Insurers (including workers’ compensation)
  • Third-party administrators
  • Independent medical evaluation contractors
  • Government agencies
  • Appeals or Hearings Officers (workers’ compensation)
  • Attorneys (plaintiff and defense) and arbitrators

Services available in conjunction with the above clinical services:

Site visit.  To assess hazards and exposure conditions.

  • Workplace
  • Residential
  • Other exposure source (polluted site, public facility, vehicle, etc.)

Medical surveillance.  For regulatory and internal company compliance programs administered by employers in hazardous industries.

  • Surveillance examinations (Lead, Arsenic, Lithium, Mercury, Cadmium, Asbestos, HazMat, Silica, etc.)
  • Biological monitoring (metals, solvents, kidney and blood function tests); on-site specimen collection
  • Respirator medical clearance examinations, respirator fit tests
  • Audiograms (hearing test), pulmonary function testing, chest radiographs

Diagnostic testing

  • Spirometry (pulmonary function)
  • Audiograms (hearing tests)
  • Peak flow monitoring (for workup of occupational asthma)
  • Laboratory / toxicology (metals, solvents, pesticides, carbon monoxide)
  • Work and building re-entry and exposure challenge